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Pavé Unleaded Double Dribble Cross Dresser Diesel Java Boy Super Boy Tandem


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We're not always racing - some of us never even want to, but we do have a passion for bikes and their history. The Java Boy is our homage to the beautiful turn-of-the (last) century European commuters as well as the American cruisers of yesteryear. Plus it kicks ass for 3am donut runs.

The Java Boy is the finest of cruisers, capable of maneuvering around city buses and stray pedestrians with ease. It allows you to bust your move in style by mixing the 700c speed and quickness of a road bike with the upright comfort and adaptability of a fine English touring bike.

Our custom bent tubing allows for good ergonomics and sweet retro-style and can come in a few different combinations of bent and straight tubing. Single speed or internally geared hubs are popular choices for the clean lines. We can spice up your morning brew with wood fenders, an aluminum basket or some sweet paniers and a horn or two. It’s all about the way you like your Java.

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